Greenbuild 2016 Master Series: E15 - Expanding upon LEED

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Added: Friday, August 4th, 2017
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Greenbuild 2016 Master Series: E15 - Expanding upon LEED

LEED has always been about more than just buildings. The purpose of LEED is to connect natural and artificial systems so that they work for each other. In order to realize our vision of a sustainable built environment within a generation, we must continue to improve and build upon our best work so we can create a better life and a better world while at the same time disrupting our own methods of creating market transformation. This session will explore USGBC and GBCIs new innovations that build upon LEED: Integration and Positive Performance. Integration: GBCI is now administering seven rating systems including WELL, PEER, SITES, Parksmart and GRESB. We will explore how these new rating systems can be used in tandem with LEED in the development or ongoing maintenance of your current or future projects. The next step for these systems is a full-scale integration with LEED so that projects pursuing LEED certification can simultaneously achieve other ratings. Positive Performance: Performance is the future. All new systems will and must measure actual results in order to stay relevant. This session will review new dimensions of scoring, as well as methods for measuring the performance of buildings and places that give more than they take.

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